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The Lockers Tokyo

About the Lockers Tokyo

The Lockers Tokyo is a Tokyo-based(obviously) barbershop chorus. If you are looking for a chorus in Tokyo area singing English songs to have great fun in weekends, this group is just for you!

We rehearse every 1st, 3rd, 5th(if any) Saturdays, from 2PM to 5PM, mostly at public halls in Tokyo metro area. We are still small (10+ ish members) but eagar to expand membership to pursue a high-flying goal, which is to achieve international-available level performance in BHS in the U.S. We have been coached by great barbershop talents like Roger Ross, David Wright -- hopefully more to come.

The Lockers Tokyo is a barbershop oriented group. If you are not familier with the concept, here is a high-level summary.

Barbershop is:

1. entertainment oriented

2. male acappella vocal emsemble

3. consists of four voice parts (tenor, lead, baritone, bass)

4. only sing English songs, which is (in most cases) easy to understand to express our emotions

5. something beyond hobby

Directors speak English, but rehearsals are operated in Japanese. Music-related terms are fairly easy to grasp, so we hope you would not find this a big issue. If you should have any questions please feel free to ask any singing fellows.

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Everyone in Harmony

We do not have strong restrictions about membership -- age, gender, past experience... because creating music together is so much fun and it would be shame to limit it.